Bij Nevero maken we audiovisuele projecten toegankelijk voor anderstaligen of mensen met een visuele of auditieve beperking.

Presentation at the Unlimited! Symposium

On Friday 29 April, the first edition of the international Unlimited! Symposium was held in Antwerp. Nevero was one of the two main sponsors of the event and the intention was for two of us to be present but our newest member of the team was also interested so three of us attended.

It was a well-filled day with presentations by various speakers from Belgium and abroad. The overall theme was the accessibility of live events and there were panels on subjects such as audio description for theatre and dance performances and on accessibility for the deaf and hearing impaired by means of subtitles and sign language.

During the final panel I myself gave a presentation about our audio description for Buitenbeenpop, an open-air pop festival for people with disabilities. My presentation was partly based on this article in Dutch that I wrote in September 2015. Following the presentation I was asked various questions by the audience and during the week after the symposium I also received a number of reactions by email. One of them was from the organizers of a Polish festival that, like Buitenbeenpop, is made as accessible as possible. They also sent me a link to a YouTube video  about their festival and the similarities are certainly striking. Their audio describers wear bright red T-shirts very much like the ones we were given to wear by the organizers of Buitenbeenpop last year…

Photo of Unlimited! Symposium badge and conference folder

Photo of Unlimited! Symposium badge and conference folder

A symposium like this is an ideal opportunity for networking and to meet colleagues from other countries. The latter aspect, in particular, appealed to the other two members of my team and they were also delighted to receive lots of questions from final year students who are very keen to work in the sector. As for myself, I enjoyed meeting up again with a number of people I had got to know at other international conferences in recent years and also with various people I know from the Flemish audio description world.

published on 20 May 2016