Bij Nevero maken we audiovisuele projecten toegankelijk voor anderstaligen of mensen met een visuele of auditieve beperking.

Audio Description

Audio description for the blind and visually impaired

Audio description and verbal description make (web) videos and live events accessible to the blind and visually impaired.

There are two types of audio description:

In a pre-recorded audio description, the descriptions are recorded in a sound studio and inserted between the dialogues and background sounds in the original programme. Often, the narrator is not the person who wrote the script.

In a live audio description, the audio describer is present during the event, and he or she provides a running commentary on what is happening. In that case, the voice that the blind and visually impaired hear is that of the describer.

You can come to us for both forms of audio description.

An example? In early 2015, we provided English audio description and audio-subtitles for a web video for the Support Center for Inclusive Higher Education, also known as SIHO.